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Biggest Storm in Years Can’t Stop Buckle Rash

By Julie Steagall - Published December 12 2013

Buckle Rash performed at Alex’s Plaza Restaurant & Bar on Friday, December 6. It was a performance party to celebrate their first CD release, Buckle Rash, CONRADSON.

All Ashland area schools had been closed that day, due to the small blizzard that covered the town, just in time for the holidays!  Even though it may be beautiful, it came with an opposing factor- the road became a sheet of ice.  I actually saw older kids skating across Siskiyou Blvd, on Friday night.

People who didn’t want to dig their cars out and brave the roads of ice, must have walked, biked, skied or snow shoed to Alex’s.   I was shocked to see how many die hard Buckle Rash fans were already waiting at Alex’s, as the band set up.  I was even more surprised at the steady influx of more fans, although the snow was steadily coming down.

Buckle Rash came together less than a year ago, in March, 2013.  The group formed in the wake of another band that had drifted in priorities.   Three members of Buckle Rash gained experience blending their styles, while playing in the band Synergy;  Clay Baker, on lead guitar, TJ Eilers on Bass and Vocals, and Aaron Reed, on drums for consistent, occasional gigs.  The band morphed into Buckle Rash, with the inclusion of Phillip Reed, vocals- and dance off King!- and after Aaron Reed moved to vocals and guitar, the heartbeat of the group was taken over by Oscar Matallana.

The band plays quite a few original songs, written from lingering life experiences.   All the music Buckle Rash plays seems to be about what’s fallen between the cracks, only amped up with a punk beat that makes you feel like moshing!

You get to cut loose, no boundaries.”- Aaron Reed.

It’s too easy to forget to have fun in the hustle to do and accomplish.  A proven method to success is not getting caught up in expectations of illusions of grandeur.  The art is in being present.  All of the members of Buckle Rash are down to earth, living for the sake of life, and their music reflects this attitude.

Although, I wouldn’t suggest high expectations for deep spiritual guidance from the lyrics of Buckle Rash, the best art is always channeled spirit.  These guys definitely have spirit, focus and awareness.  Their music is based on life and fun, but their sound grabs hold of the spine, shaking it out, til all the energy stored becomes useable.

Buckle Rash show dates can be found on their facebook page, along with information on how to purchase their new CD, CONRADSON.  Each CD is only $5 and well worth a listen!

Photos: Sean Williams Brown SWB Photography